KAISHA-Tec is a leading edge process modeler and process automation

KAISHA-Tec is a leading edge BPM solution provider

presentationWe provide serious yet easy-to-use software to allow companies and consultants to model, rationalize and automate processes. The solution is BPMN based with a "strong feature" workflow for the most demanding tasks. The end result is Cost Reduction.

Some of the world's largest companies use our scalable process automation software to orchestrate the mission critical workflows of thousands of their employees.
Announcing AVANTAGE our standards based process modeling Foundation

avantage Avantage is our 100% BPMN compliant process modeling and analysis foundation . Avantage's plugin architecture allows for easy feature extension.

Process models can be saved in the latest XPDL 2.0 standard format and we provide an easy-to-use CVS or Subversion repository interface for storing the models with full version control. The base modeling foundation - what we call the Avantage BPM Foundation is free for evaluation and non-commercial users, so get it today.
Avantage Enterprise Content Management
Content Management

Our new Content Module is destined to give you control over your project documents like never before.

If you produce Business Case Documents, Business Requirements, Functional Requirements, Functional Specs, Functional Design Documents, etc, etc.
You need this module!