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screenshotsmallIt makes sense to model and document your business processes for process visibility in your organization. However, regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act have also made documentation of process controls a legal requirement.

Taking this a step further, it makes more sense to document the processes in a standard way and this is where the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) comes in as part of your Business Process Management (BPM) initiative. BPMN is now a full standard supported by the Object Management Group (OMG). We support the standard 100% and we also add extra value to it - things like Metrics, Category Analysis, SOX Control Analysis and Workflow. In addition, Avantage allows process models to be saved to the latest XPDL 2.0 standard and we provide a simple CVS interface to enable the easy set up of a corporate repository of processes with full version control. So you can see Avantage is very open and standards- based.

We hope you will use our advanced Avantage BPMN process modeling foundation in your organization and go on to more in-depth analysis to improve your business efficiency. Our software is built on the latest Microsoft .Net platform and is designed in a very smart way. Getting started is easy, you can evaluate our Avantage BPMN foundation for free.

Our contribution to the process modeling community

The Avantage BPM foundation is our contribution to the cause of standardization in BPM. As a long term player in the BPM market, KAISHA-Tec realize the need for standards. But standards are useful only if there is access to good tools which support the them. Too often BPM  tools are priced to exclude many who would benefit from them.

That is why the ActiveModeler Avantage BPM foundation is realistically priced and the foundation is free for non-commercial users.  Low cost does not mean low quality. Avantage is built to Japanese standards of quality.

 Here are some screen shots:

click to view AvantageIntegrated Organization structure with costingAll reporting in Excel

KAISHA-Tec is a respected BPM vendor with a long track record. Here are some international awards we have won.