BPMN Training

Intensive Web-based BPMN/Avantage Training


web training

If you want you want to get up to speed quickly then why not try our 1-day Web-based intensive course.
All you need is an Internet connection. We connect to your site via Webex and Skype.
Any number of participants can be included at your site for the same cost.

We cover:

  • An overview of BPM
  • BPMN 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 including live demonstrations
  • Process Metrics, Categorization, Process Web Publishing
  • All other features of Avantage (including SOX, CVS, Associated documentation, Content Management)


The course will last for 6 hours(two 3 hour sessions). At the end of the course you will really haved gain considerable knowledge in a short time.

The cost is only $1,000 for the session (no limit to the number of participants).