ActiveModeler and ActiveFlow benefits


Benefits of products

Our Business Process Management (BPM) Design Studio consists of ActiveModeler Avantage to model and analyze business processes and ActiveFlow workflow to execute them. ActiveModeler is Japan's best selling process modeler with over 40,000 copies sold already. Both KAISHA-Tec and NEC, our Japanese partner, invested heavily in Quality Assurance to make this a robust and dependable platform for demanding business needs.

Workflow automation is about automating an existing or defined process, whereas process modeling is a means of depicting and measuring a process; leading to the next step of process improvement. Adding ActiveFlow to this powerful process modeling tool gives you the power to create a documented, correct, and automated business process including full integration to existing ERP or other external systems.

ActiveModeler Avantage is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use software package built for Microsoft .Net 3.0 platform and exhibiting the latest architectural technology. On the application side it features an Organization Tree so you can clearly see responsibilities for process activities. It represents products, departments, and roles clearly and simply, with drill-down to hide complexity.

Our BPM system is an open product; information can be freely imported and exported to the model and to the workflow itself. We adhere strictly to the latest international or commercial standards. We do not impose any proprietary technology as these may well limit your future options. KAISHA-Tec are a funding member of the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) as so we very much want to adhere to developing standards.

You can generate a workflow quickly using the Workflow Wizard, with just a few mouse clicks. The workflows are standardized, so you avoid expensive and error-prone custom workflow programming.

ActiveFlow was first developed for the Japanese market, so despite being easy to use, it can meet the most complex and demanding jobs. Japan is sometimes called the "Home of Workflow", with each action being authorized by "the group". Many kinds of workflow have been developed here in Japan and we find that ActiveFlow can easily cope with the workflows in Western companies, which often tend to be a subset of the Japanese requirements.