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japangirlOur Japanese roots

Most of our implementations to date have been in Japan with over 600 companies taking advantage of our software. Over 40,000 copies of ActiveModeler have been sold in Japan alone.

One of our goals is to transpose the well-known efficiencies of Japanese manufacturing into management processes.

Our methodology is a blend of the most advanced technology and the timeless requirements of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This is symbolized by our roots in Japan where old and new blend in surprising ways. Our core team began working together in the early 1980s and we incorporated KAISHA-Tec Co. Ltd in September 1995, with headquarters in Tokyo. We implemented consultancy projects in business process re-engineering (BPR) and value engineering before deciding to develop our own software for address the requirements of this market.


Our do-it-yourself philosophy

Process Analysis is a technique for making an organization run as cost-effectively as possible. We think that is what managers are paid to do. However: The traditional tools of financial control do not always achieve this objective; Much of today's Process Analysis software seems designed to support consultancy and to generate fees rather than to solve cost-efficiency problems. That is why we developed our ActiveModeler software.

The main idea is to enable users to perform their jobs better with a minimum of help from outsiders. Do-it-yourself makes sense to us because consultancy is inherently expensive whereas software can be relatively cheap. Re-engineering business processes is a continuous task, just like the more conventional forms of financial control. Organizations may require outside consultants to get started, or to help resolve unusually complex problems. We have a growing network of certified consultants throughout the world who can help users get started with our software.


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