Avantage SubversionKTC Subversion Collaboration

Brand New !!! ActiveModeler Subversion Collaboration plugin now released. This product makes it possible to share files with different team members even from remote sites.

Have you ever needed  to work with ActiveModeler in a team using Subversion?
In the business world of today it is common practice to work as a team. You have to share data, and several team members have to access the same files.  Why not simplify the whole working process?
The Subversion Collaboration plugin will allow you to work as a team  using a single project.
Using Subversion technology the plugin will monitor the changes made by your team members and compares changes in the project with your own contributions-

Who needs it?
The Subversion Collaboration plugin is useful whenever two or more users are working simultaneously on the same project.
Due to its user friendly interface, working as a team is easier and more comfortable, even for large teams.

When and why do you need it?
Business Process Management (BPM) has become a very important in today’s corporate world.  More and more people are specializing in this sector and often there is more than one BPM expert working in a company. At this point the BPM team has to handle file conflicts themselves, asking other team members which files they are going to work on to eliminate conflicts when saving changes to ActiveModeler. To avoid these difficulties we are now providing the ActiveModeler Subversion Collaboration plugin.


The new Subversion Collaboration plugin will give you the ability to:

  • Automatically resolve file conflicts in a project
  • Lock files in the same project
  • Synchronize Data
  • Collaborate with your team members
  • Make changes transparent
  • Compare working contributions of all team members



  • Microsoft .Net 3.5



  • Integrated use of Subversion with ActiveModeler Avantage