BPMN Training

BPMN Training


KAISHA-Tec offers a hands-on BPMN training course to fast track you and your staff in the understanding of the BPMN notation.
You will learn the full standard and although the course is essentially "tool-neutral" we use our Avantage BPMN process modeler to develop examples throughout the course. This we feel makes it much easier to retain the information.

The 1 day course features:

◆ An introduction to BPM
◆ What is BPMN and how it fits to the BPM "bigger picture"
◆ BPMN basics
◆ The full BPMN set
◆ An introduction to process analysis and metrics
◆ How to do process modeling and use BPMN in your organization

In addition, half day or 1 day extension courses are available where we explain in detail how to practically perform:

◆ Metrics and Category Analysis
◆ SOX Analysis
◆ Internal Control and Risk Analysis