Typical Success Stories...


Over 600 companies have purchased our software worldwide. Here are some typical success stories...



I am so pleased every time I process my ActiveFlow work sheets. The time saving is just fantastic. And of course this month I could present the CEO with the exact cost of fault responses. He too was pleased.

Jodi Lively, Network Office Administrator, Network Tasman, New Zealand
(Network Tasman is a power line and energy provider in the South Island of New Zealand)


I've loaded the latest release and am very impressed with the look & feel of the new functionality co-ordination as well as the inherent improvements. I have to admit that I'm 'hooked' and becoming a bit of a geek as far as ActiveModeler is concerned.

John Cremin
Director - Consilium(GB) Ltd - (Consultancy Company)


Thank you very much for your time yesterday, explaining to us such long time. It was amazing to see the live and ultimately unified and integrated information systems. As mentioned yesterday, this workflow is like a dearest person I finally met after searching for 2 years and since yesterday we have started to work towards the introduction.

T. Mitsui, Manager DX Co. Ltd Japan
(Major printing and bookbinding products and machinery company)


ActiveModeler is excellent to visualize any process and the investment in this software will be returned many times over very rapidly. For workflow, we needed a reliable and versatile workflow system with good real time back-end integration. ActiveFlow gives me these requirements and is an impressive system. It is also enjoyable to use.

Manas Paul, Asia Pacific - Application Delivery Manager at Storage Tek Inc.
(Major tape drive and disk storage manufacturer)


ActiveModeler has given me all relevant tools needed for process mapping and process improvements. Beside this I am impressed by the support given when needed.

Per Wehner, Danish Telecom