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Process analysis and improvement

Credit card application processing example (click on it to see a full size image)

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Integrated Organization structure with costing (click on it to see a full size image)


All reporting in Excel(click on it to see the expanded shapes)



Organization structure modeling

The BPMN 1.2 standard does not provide for modeling of organization structures except for the fairly abstract notion of pools (which can be departments) and swimlanes (which can be roles, people, actors and so on).

A process modeler without organizational modeling capability is not useful for in-depth process analysis. That is why Avantage provides full organization structure modeling in addtion to the basic BPMN process model. Avantage allows you to associate pools and lanes with real departments, roles and employees in an organization database.

  • Navigator displaying an organizational structure

Structured text editing

Avantage includes a text editing component that supports structured forms of text (like Xml, , Javascript, C# etc).

  • Text editor showing an xml document being edited


Avantage allows you to define measurepoints in the process model. Measurepoints are logical divisions within a process model for the purpose of costing or classification. A measurepoint shows a summary of all the metrics of all the BPMN objects it contains within its scope.

  • Using measurepoints to define a classical BPM process improvement model