imageXPDL 2.0 Support

Export to the open XPDL 2.0 standard

ActiveModeler Avantage allows you to export to the latest XPDL 2.0 standard from the Workflow Management Coalition.
See for more information about the standard. 

XPDL 2.0 export ensures:

1.  Your investment in process modeling is secure.
Process analysis can be expensive in terms of consultancy and manpower. It makes sense not to bottle up this information in a proprietary platform or on paper! The sensible solution is to use a modeler which can export to this industry accepted open standard. Avantage can help you with this security.

2. Transportability of a process model between modelers. 
Certain modeling tools may be better at some things than others. For example high end simulation or workflow. It can be useful to move a process model between modelers.


Avantage allows you to export a process model and all contained sub-processes to XPDL with just one click. It's that easy.

Besides exporting the standard BPMN process model, Avantage exports all the information in the process model for maximum interoperability via XPDL 2.0 extensions. This includes:

  • Metrics
  • Categories
  • SOX information

You can see that Avantage is no "island of information". Below you can see the category information in the  XPDL 2.0 export