Customer Profile

Manpower Japan



MANPOWER JAPAN Co., Ltd. was established in 1966 as a wholly owned Japanese subsidiary of MANPOWER Inc. As the first temporary staffing service company in the country, MANPOWER JAPAN has acted as the leader in setting up the basic structural system for  temporary staffing services. MANPOWER JAPAN now has 58,000 client companies and 420,000 temporary staff with 107 service branches in major cities nationwide.


With 1300 consultants visiting clients on a regular basis it is very important to have an easy to use system for entry, approval,  management and tracking of consultant expenses. A reliable system which can handle the business volumes was crucial to enable smooth operation. 


ActiveModeler/ActiveFlow was chosen to define and control the expenses systems with interfaces to the personnel, accounting and banking systems. A route planning interface is also provided.


  • ActiveFlow now controls the expenses system with extreme reliability. 
  • Expenses are managed in a standard way and have excellent audit and traceability.
  • Interfaces to external systems are automated.
  • A reliable and cost-effective solution to an important aspect of the consultants work regime.