image Lua Script Engine

Extend the Functionality of Avantage

We feel it is impossible for Avantage to include all the functionality required by all users.
You may want a special report, menu, analysis function or even a sophisticated new feature.

KAISHA-Tec is pleased to include the power of the Lua Script engine to enable end-users to extend the functionality of Avantage. Lua is a very powerful yet easy to use language that is used in many applications from game software to space research and embedded mobile devices. Lua is also free and distributed under a liberal license (the well-known MIT license). It can be used for both academic and commercial purposes at absolutely no cost. For more information about Lua please see

To demonstrate let's see how we can use Lua, say for analysis. Supposing we need to extract certain information from an Avantage process model and to do some calculation for us. We could even notify the result automatically to a process engineer. 

We write a small Lua script and add it to the Avantage project.
Lua File

Then depending on the application, in this case we want to check an activity such as:

Lua Application

And we get the analysis:

Lua Analysis

This is a very basic example but we hope this stimulates your imagination as to what could be done. You could for example export a complete new type of analysis for a process model, in any format using the Lua scripting engine. It is also very fast.