image Excel Flow Chart Reader

Create BPMN models from Excel Flow Charts

ActiveModeler Avantage allows you automatically turn something like this:

Excel Flow Chart


Into a proper BPMN  process diagram, fully linked to the Corporate organization structure. All information in the Excel diagram can be captured in the process database rather than just having at the drawing level:

Excel Diagram

The benefits of having a BPMN process diagram are many and include:

  • The Process Model is now drawn to the iternational BPMN standard
  • Value can be added to the model including


Category Analysis

SOX  etc

  • The model can be put under version control and several people can work on a model
  • The model can be exported to a standard open XPDL 2.0 database
  • The model can link to the company organization structure

A simple Excel flowchart is very difficult to maintain in reality and will soon be out of step with the actual business process.