Press release


9 November 2007

KAISHA-Tec announces exciting BPM platform bundling.


Tokyo, November 9th 2007. BPM vendor KAISHA-Tec, announced today its strategic bundling of its new standards based BPM platform - ActiveModeler Avantage for .Net 3.0.

The new Windows based Avantage platform for .Net 3.0 is an extensible plugin-based architecture which is available free of charge to all users.

However from today, the plugins will be available in very attractively priced bundles to make it easy for people to get started with the software. All plugins now have a trial version to allow for a "try before you buy" experience.

One of the interesting bundles announced today by KAISHA-Tec is a Consultants bundle to allow consults to work with Avantage and then easily deploy the work at a customer site without the need for the customer to purchase the Avantage software. The Consultancy bundle allows for up to 5 deployments at a customer site.

KAISHA-Tec Director Dr Geoffrey Long said today, "We are taking another significant step here to reduce the entry cost for quality BPM tools. We see cost as a significant barrier to the widespread take-up of BPM. Today, we are building on the attractiveness of our free high quality tool and taking it to another level by making our plugins more affordable and accessible. We think we can convert people who use a basic drawing package to BPM with all its inherent advantages".

KAISHA-Tec also announced a Lua scripting plugin to enable extension of the Avantage package by OEM vendors and companies wanting to develop their own plugins. KAISHA-Tec believes this is to be the best way to achieve vendor independence and to provide features no one vendor could ever provide.

Product Availability. The ActiveModeler Avantage BPM Platform and plugin trials are available for immediate download from Currently English, Japanese, German and Chinese(simplified) versions are available within the same executable. Other languages will follow shortly.

About KAISHA-Tec. KAISHA-Tec is a leading BPM vendor with its head office in Japan and development centres in Europe and Australia. KAISHA-Tec have received industry excellence awards for their technology.
In excess of 40,000 ActiveModeler Professional modeler licenses and 30,000 ActiveFlow workflow clients have been sold to date, to more than 600 companies.

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