You can login to a test workflow system here:


We have put a simple test workflow there for you to see for a Purchase requisition. Of course on a corporate LAN the workflow would be very fast in loading.

For this workflow we have set the following users:

M. Almond ; W. Burton ; S. Dan ; T. Paul ; S. Ray ; I. Ross ; P. Rossi ; C. Scott ; A. Smith ; D. Stan ; Admin

arrowThe User ID is family name in lower case and the password is "demo" for all users except for Admin which has the User ID of "Admin" and password "Admin".

log in

arrowYou can see the user interface in several languages by entering German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian or Vietnamese as a User ID with password of demo also.

log in



  • If you go to the Start a new workflow we have just one example here for the demo - a Purchase Requisition.
  • This is an html form and can be to any design with full integration to any ERP or back-end system.
  • You can add and remove a new detail line, there is also a look-up to a Supplier list - click on the supplier form area. This information would normally come directly from the ERP system.
  • If you click on Workflow Status at the bottom of the form you can see the actual process map with the current activity blinking.
  • A full audit trail is built up within the form as the workflow item proceeds, following the defined process map.
  • The form here is a human activity but the workflow event could be a process control type interface event or arrival of a record in a database.